Monday (11.13.17)

  • Islamic State militants regained control of Albu Kamal, their last stronghold in Syria after Iranian-backed militias who claimed to have captured the city a few days earlier were ambushed and forced to retreat.
  • Indonesian police shot dead two men suspected of burning down a police station complex in a jihadist-inspired attack. The terrorists were shot after firing at police with bows and arrows.
  • Separatists from Cameroon’s Anglophone region have killed four security forces in several attacks over the past few days. The government crackdown on the separatists has pushed more towards the movement and there is concern its trajectory is towards a full-blown insurgency. 
  • Eight suspects have been placed under formal investigation in France following their arrest in joint counter-terrorism raids with Swiss authorities. The suspects were among the 10 detained on November 7th as a result of an investigation into a group of young Islamists thought to have been radicalized by a Swiss Iman, who was among those detained.
  • Terrorists targeting a transport convoy in Egypt’s Sinai region shot dead at least nine truck drivers and set the vehicles on fire. The convoy was carrying coal to a cement factory. Egypt security forces have been battling an Islamic State affiliate in northern Sinai, where militants have mostly hit police but occasionally target infrastructure and business.
  • Bahrain has stated that an explosion, which caused a fire at its main oil pipeline Friday, was an act of terrorist sabotage and linked the attack to Iran. Tehran has denied the allegations.

Tuesday (11.14.17)

  • The US military continues to intensify its air campaign in Somalia against Shabaab and its rival, ISIS. On Nov. 11, US forces conducted an airstrike against Shabaab fighters in Gaduud, killing one. The US targeted Shabaab with a second strike on Nov. 12 in the Lower Shabelle region and killed 13 Shabaab terrorists. The same day, US forces struck ISIS fighters in Puntland.
  • At least six people were killed on Tuesday when a suicide car bomb ripped through a base used by a local security force in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden, residents said, in an attack claimed by ISIS. Dozens of other people, including civilians, were wounded in the attack, which occurred outside a camp used by a local security force organized by the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Houthi rebels.
  • The Afghan Taliban attacked more than a dozen checkpoints over six hours in the southern province of Kandahar, killing 22 police and wounding 15, officials said on Tuesday, as terrorists killed eight soldiers in the west in a growing insurgency. Government forces killed 45 terrorists and wounded 35 and none of the police checkpoints was captured in the overnight attacks, officials said.
  • Indonesian police shot dead two men suspected of burning down a police station complex in a jihadist-inspired attack after they fired at them with bows and arrows, officials said on Monday. All the main buildings at the police headquarters in Dharmasraya regency in West Sumatra were burned to the ground.
  • Terrorists have crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan and killed a Pakistani army officer and a soldier, the Pakistani military said on Monday. There was no immediate response from the Afghan government.
  • The U.S. military will fight ISIS in Syria “as long as they want to fight,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Monday, describing a longer-term role for U.S. troops long after the terrorists lose all of the territory they control. As U.S.-backed and Russian-backed forces battle to retake the remaining pockets of ISIS-held terrain, Mattis said the U.S. military’s longer-term objective would be to prevent the return of an “ISIS 2.0.”

Wednesday (11.15.17)

  • The US has stepped up its air campaign on ISIS’s network in Yemen, launching three attacks against the group over the past several days. The strikes took place as ISIS has intensified its attacks on Yemeni security forces in the southern city of Aden.

  • The United States military has carried out an air strike in Somalia against al Shabaab, al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia that wants to topple the U.N.-backed government, the U.S. Africa Command said on Wednesday. It said “several militants” were killed in the strike 60 miles northwest of the capital, Mogadishu, on Tuesday. It was coordinated with the Somali government, AfriCom said in a statement.
  • A suspected Islamist terrorist accused of killing four in a 2014 attack on a Jewish museum in Belgium was placed under investigation in France on Wednesday for allegedly kidnapping four French journalists in Syria. He was already being held pending a trial over the May 2014 attack in which four people including two Israeli tourists were killed in Brussels.
  • Al Shabaab terrorists detonated a suicide VBIED targeting an African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) convoy along Mogadishu-Afgoi highway in Garasabaley, Lower Shabelle region, southern Somalia on November 14. The blast missed the convoy but injured civilians nearby.

Thursday (11.16.17)

  • Egyptian security forces killed three suspected terrorists and arrested 74 others in raids targeting terrorist groups in North Sinai in recent days, the military said in a statement on Thursday. The military did not name a specific terrorist group or release the names of those killed but said the terrorists were “highly dangerous”.
  • A suicide bomb attack in the Afghan capital on Thursday near a gathering of supporters of an influential regional leader killed at least nine people and wounded many, the interior ministry said. ISIS claimed responsibility, according to Amaq, its official news agency. The Taliban denied involvement.
  • East Libyan forces said they launched air strikes against suspected ISIS terrorists on Wednesday south of the jihadist group’s former stronghold of Sirte. The site contained a large camp with military vehicles and stocks of petrol and water and had been used as a base for mounting attacks.
  • Suicide bomb attackers killed 10 people and wounded 30 in the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri on Wednesday, an emergency agency official said. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the latest attack, which emergency officials and members of a government-approved vigilante group said was carried out by four female bombers.
  • Gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead a senior Pakistani police officer, as well as his wife, son and grandson on Wednesday as the family was driving in Baluchistan province, officials said. No group immediately claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s shooting.
  • Bahrain said on Wednesday a bomb attack on a police bus which killed an officer and wounded nine last month was carried out by a terrorist cell trained by its arch-foe Iran. Iran denies any role in Bahrain’s unrest.
  • Two Maldivians suspected of having links to ISIS terrorists were planning to carry out a suicide attack in the country’s capital, government officials said on Wednesday. The two, in their 20s, have been in detention since September but officials are now asking for them to be charged in criminal court.
  • Coalition forces killed 15 senior and mid-level ISIS leaders and commanders, including two external operations planners, in a series of airstrikes that occurred in eastern Syria and Western Iraq over the past two months. Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, the international coalition that was assembled to degrade and defeat ISIS’s network in Iraq and Syria, announced the deaths in two separate press releases, one issued on Oct. 31, and another on Nov. 14.

Friday (11.17.17)

  • The Egyptian public prosecutor ordered that a suspected Libyan terrorist and 14 others be held for 15 days pending an investigation of their role in a deadly attack in Egypt’s western desert last month, state news MENA reported on Friday. The terrorists killed 16 when they attacked a patrol, firing rockets and detonating explosives in a remote part of the desert.
  • Philippine troops shelled positions held by a small group of pro-ISIS terrorists in southern marshland on Friday, as the military pushed on with a new offensive after the country’s biggest urban battle in decades. The latest operation follows the end of a five month battle to crush an alliance of ISIS loyalists in Marawi City.
  • Two Israelis were wounded in two separate incidents in the Gush Etzion region of the West Bank on Friday morning, where a terrorist set out on a murderous spree that involved both a ramming and stabbing attack. A Palestinian man ran over a 70-year-old man and a 35-year-old man. He then got out of the vehicle and attempted to stab an IDF soldier with a knife.
  • Somali National Army (SNA) forces detained nine al Shabaab, al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, senior officials in Afgoi, Lower Shabelle region, southern Somalia on Thursday. The forces arrested al Shabaab’s emir of Afgoi, the head of finance, four Amniyat agents, and two vehicle-borne improvised explosive (VBIED) technicians.
  • The US military has conducted at least four more strikes against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in the last two months, according to data acquired by FDD’s Long War Journal. But US Central Command (CENTCOM) has still not released details on any strikes against AQAP in Yemen in 2017.