Washington, D.C. - Earlier this week, Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) called for President Trump to carefully consider the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorism Organization (FTO) and to instead designate and sanction specific Muslim Brotherhood affiliates under Section 1(b) of Executive Order 13224.

“As the Chairman of the Terrorism Subcommittee, I am deeply concerned about terrorism carried out by Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in the Middle East,” said Congressman Poe. “However, I am also aware that certain factions of the Muslim Brotherhood embrace politics over violence, like the affiliate in Tunisia which exclusively participates in the political system. Indeed, Muslim Brotherhood affiliates operate independently of one another and must be dealt with accordingly. The President should instead use Executive Order 13224 to target those affiliates that are directly engaged in terrorist activities. Using this authority allows each individual entity to be sanctioned for their terrorism activity one by one – a more effective tool than a blanket FTO designation.”

By distinguishing between MB groups that are engaged in terrorism from those who are peaceful, legitimate groups, the U.S. avoids the unintended consequence of alienating allies in the fight against global terrorism. Additionally, if a blanket FTO designation fails due to the complex nature of the MB, those affiliates that actively promote and engage in terrorism could falsely claim that they are nonviolent.

“We must not yield in our fight against terrorists,” said Poe. “In this situation, it is wiser to use a scalpel than an axe. This targeted approach will be more impactful and avoid potential unintended complications.”