Congressman Ted Poe (TX -02) issued the following statement on the announcement by the Department of Transportation to proceed with the Pilot Program allowing Mexican trucking companies to operate past the 20 mile commecial zones:

"I just returned from the Texas/Mexico border and the people in our border communities are fed up with the US Government. This latest attempt to steam roll Texans and Americans across our country with this dangerous trucking program is one more example of the blatant disregard this government seems to have for the American people. In May, I cosponsored the Safe American Roads Act that put a stop to this program. The bill overwhelming passed the US Congress and it is the will of the American people to stop this program. Yet our government is once again arrogantly going ahead with the plan to compromise the safety of Americans by continuing to open our borders and highways to unmitigated dangers. It is high time the US government does what it best for the citizens and economy of our country and not Mexico."

Congressman Poe serves on the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.