Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) announces his support of House Resolution 354, supporting equal access to U.S. Military recruiters on college campuses. This resolution expresses satisfaction in the recent unanimous decision issued by the Supreme Court in FAIR V. Rumsfeld, and offers continued support to military recruitment efforts on college campuses across the nation.

The case presented by FAIR claimed that Law Schools receiving Federal funding should not be required to allow military recruiters on their campuses. The Supreme Court unanimously disagreed with this claim and ruled that military recruiters should be given the same treatment as any recruiter from a civilian company.

Congressman Poe Issued the Following Statement:

Military recruiting on college campuses is important to the defense of this nation. It provides technically trained and highly educated people that are vital to our Armed Services. These institutions should not be allowed to take money from the Federal Government then turn around and forbid military recruiters from stepping foot on their historic campuses. These elitists need a reminder that their freedom to file such a lawsuit is protected by those same brave men and women in uniform they wish to shame off their campuses.