Congressman Poe (R-TX) applauds his colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives for their bipartisan passage of Amendment No. 466 to H.R. 1, the Fiscal Year 2011 Continuing Resolution (CR). The Poe-Barton-Carter Amendment will eliminate funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be used to implement, administer or enforce any statutory or regulatory requirement pertaining to emissions of greenhouse gases from stationary sources that is issued or becomes applicable or effective after January 1, 2011.

I am pleased that my colleagues in the House have chosen to put a stop to the back-door attempts by the administration to bypass Congress and circumvent the will of the American people. The EPAs unnecessary plan to regulate greenhouse gases would have cost taxpayers millions of dollars and destroyed countless jobs in our energy sector, said Rep Ted Poe. The era of the EPA overstepping its authority by imposing over-burdensome and unnecessary regulations at the expense of American businesses is over. I thank my colleagues from Texas, Rep. Joe Barton and Rep. John Carter, for their continued support and co-sponsorship of this legislation.