Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) issued the following statements in regards to President Bushs Immigration Speech:

Using the National Guard as a secondary line of defense in assisting the Border Patrol along our southern borders is a good start in securing our borders. We use the military to protect other countrys borders, we certainly should use it to protect our own. The governments first priority is to ensure the safety of its citizens and this should include the illegal entry into our country. We must utilize local law enforcement and abolish sanctuary policies that forbid local law enforcement from questioning ones citizenship.

The United States currently has a generous guest worker program that allows 1.2 million people to legally work in our country each year. This has not stopped illegal immigration. Creating yet another new program that leads to citizenship for the millions of people who entered our country illegally is an insult to Americans and to those who came to America legally and pursued citizenship. I will not support amnesty in any form for those who knowingly and blatantly broke the law. This is amnesty, but under the cloak of a different name.

Our country is faced with a challenge to uphold the law and see to the security and safety of our citizens. We can not continue to turn a blind eye to those living illegally amongst us. Employers and individuals who encourage and support illegal immigration must be held accountable. I have filed the Passport for All Act to require everyone entering the country to have a passport with photo identification. Why establish the creation of another form of identification for workers when the passport is the universal document recognized around the world and recommended by the 9/11 Commission?

Securing our borders is as big a social issue as it is a security issue. American citizens are tired of picking up the tab for those who are illegally here and obtain social services. Before we begin to address the issue of citizenship for the 10-12 million here illegally, we must stop the bleeding at the border.

Congressman Poe is a member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus and International Relations Committee; Terrorism Subcommittee.