WASHINGTON, D.C.--Today, Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) issued the following statement on regarding H.J.Res2, a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution: 

Today, our nation faces a spending-driven debt crisis that is the single greatest threat to our security. We have gotten to this point because of Washingtonís reckless and unchecked spending binge. The most important component of any long-term plan for recovery must be to permanently reign in government spending.

I voted for the Balanced Budget Amendment, a historic piece of legislation that would codify the rule of fiscal responsibility in the Constitution to require Washington to spend within its means and add accountability in Washington. I am disappointed that this legislation did not pass the House of Representatives. Kicking the can further down the road will saddle future generations with long-term debt is unacceptable. This is no solution to our fiscal crisis. It is the responsibility of the federal government elected by the people to be careful stewards of the peopleís money. It is time to force the government to permanently change its spending behavior by forcing the government to balance its budget.