“Earlier this week, ISIS-affiliated terrorists in Tripoli, Libya’s capital city, stormed a popular hotel and massacred at least ten people. Today, it was revealed that one of the deceased was American David Berry, a former U.S. Marine working for a security contractor in Libya. My condolences go out to the Berry family. Fortunately, the individuals responsible for this attack were reportedly killed during the siege. ISIS has sought to expand into numerous countries throughout the region and beyond. According to terrorism experts, Libya presents the best opportunity for ISIS domination, given the general lawlessness and instability that has besieged the country following the toppling of the dictator Gaddafi. We must not lose sight of the expanding terror threat. ISIS isn’t just in Syria and Iraq, they are growing at an alarming rate and its time the world realizes that this is a high-stakes fight.”

Poe is Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism