U.S. Congressman Ted Poe announced today the Child Safety Act of 2005 overwhelmingly passed in the U.S. House of Representatives by 371-52. This comprehensive bi-partisan legislation was designed to protect children from sex offenders and other criminals. This measure includes all of the provisions offered by Congressman Poe in his first bill, the Child Predator Act of 2005 (H.R. 1355) and includes a Training and Technology Amendment to provide law enforcement with the funding and latest technologies to deal with internet crimes against children.

Congressman Poe was proud of the actions of Congress by saying, This is a victory for our children. The Child Safety Act of 2005 will help close loopholes in current sex offender notification requirements and protect our children from those predators lurking in their communities. The Technology Amendment was a crucial part of this Legislation - without the properly equipping law enforcement, these cases would not be investigated and prosecuted effectively. By giving the good guys the advanced tools and knowledge we can effectively meet the challenges of internet crimes against our children.

Mark Lunsford, father of Jessica Lunsford, expressed his gratitude today, I appreciate all the hard work and effort Congressman Poe, along with Congresswoman Jenny Brown-Waite and Chairman James Sensenbrenner, put into making this happen.

Elaine Stolte of The Childrens Assessment Center of Houston was elated by the news, On behalf of the many children who have been sexually abused, we applaud Congressman Poe for his continued efforts in the prevention of cyber solicitation of our children. This amendment to the Child Safety Act will provide needed information to support law enforcement in combating internet crimes against children. We are so grateful to have Congressman Poe in Washington giving a voice to thousands of children, whose voices would otherwise go unheard.

The Child Safety Act was drafted in response to the recent kidnappings, rapes, and murders of several children like Jessica Lunsford, Sarah Lunde, and Jetseta Gage, the Childrens Safety Act of 2005 addresses numerous elements of crime against children including: violent crimes, sexual crimes and exploitation, as well as protection of foster and adopted children. Inspired by Congressman Poes Child Predator Act, the Childrens Safety Act will feature components such as a concrete definition of a child predator, the escalation of non-compliance with registration requirements to a federal felony, community notification for all sex offenders (including child predators) who enter a new community, a free online database accessible to law enforcement and parents, and specifications for the timely update of this database even for those sex offenders crossing state lines.

Representative Poe co-chairs the Congressional Victims Right Caucus that he founded this session of Congress. He has over 22 years experience dealing with criminal cases as a felony court judge and a prosecutor. He is a leading authority on crime, justice, and childrens issues.