Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) announced today that he has introduced a House Concurrent Resolution, (H. Con. Res. 378) expressing Congressional support for the goals and ideals of National Crime Victims Rights Week. The resolution will also encourage increased public awareness of the rights, needs, and concerns of crime victims and survivors in the United States.

Poe is sponsoring the House Concurrent Resolution along with Congressman Jim Costa (D-CA) and Congresswoman Katherine Harris (R-FL).

As a former felony court judge, I witnessed first-hand the plight of victims of crime. To be a victim, to be chosen by a predator is a terrible travesty. We must do all that we can to protect victims rights and not leave them to deal with their recovery on their own. Victims must not be deserted, especially by their government, Poe said. We as a culture and a Congress must not stand by while innocent people are victimized. We must arm our communities against perpetrators and make certain that the perpetrators pay.

A lifelong victims advocate, Poe has made victims rights his top priority on Capitol Hill. Spearheading the effort to protect VOCA funding and victims rights Congressman Poe founded and co-chairs the Congressional Victims Right Caucus. He has over 22 years experience dealing with criminal cases as a felony court judge and a prosecutor. He is a leading authority on crime, justice, and childrens issues.

The theme of the 2006 National Crime Victims Rights Week is Victims Rights: Strength in Unity. The observance of National Crime Victims Rights Week will take place April 23 through 29. Community rallies, candlelight vigils, and activities promoting victims rights and services will be held across the nation.