Congressman Ted Poe recently submitted the following response to a misleading editorial that incorrectly stated the Congressmans opinion on President Obamas place of birth and the intent of pending legislation that is aimed to quell future controversies over the Constitutional requirement for the Office of the President. However, the Chronicle has declined to print the following response as of today, August 3,2009:

The Chronicle once again incorrectly stated my opinion. Ironically, on Tuesday of this week I was asked by the Chronicle if I believed that President Obama was born outside the United States. My response in writing was in part: I have never said President Obama was born anywhere but the United States. In addition, I recently voted in support of a resolution honoring Hawaiis 50th anniversary of statehood that included language reaffirming Hawaii as President Obamas place of birth. The Chronicle blatantly chose to omit these facts.

The media, including the Chronicle, seem to be obsessed with this issue as they continually misrepresent the facts in an effort to tie pending legislation pertaining to future elections to President Obama. The legislation simply defines the Constitutional requirements of the Office of the President by requiring all candidates to file a birth certificate in future presidential elections, thus having nothing to do with President Obama.

Because this is not the first controversy, we should ensure it is the last. President Chester Arthurs birthplace was rumored to be Canada. Others included: Barry Goldwater, born in the Arizona territory; George Romney, born in a Mormon colony in Mexico; and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., born in Canada. The New York Times, not exactly a birther paper, questioned Senator McCains eligibility after learning he was born on a US military base in the Panama Canal Zone.

So to end any future questions, we should do what Little Leagues all across our country do and require a birth certificate at the time of registration.

NOTE: This legislation was filed in March of 2009. It applies to all candidates equally in all future presidential elections beginning in 2012; and is not retro-active.