Congressman Ted Poe Pays Tribute to Fallen

Law Enforcement Officers

Resolution Recognizes National Peace Officers Memorial Day

WASHINGTON, DC Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) announces today that his legislation honoring National Peace Officers Memorial Day unanimously passed the US House of Representatives, 416-0.

Each year, the President issues a Proclamation naming May 15th as National Peace Officer Memorial Day. Congressman Poes resolution supports the goals and ideals of this day and calls upon the people of the United States to observe such a day with appropriate ceremonies and respect.

We are grateful for the selfless service of this nations law enforcement officers, said Poe. Americans have been protected by peace officers for the past 217 years. They protect our lives and our property regardless of the dangers to themselves. Not a day goes by that law enforcement officers do not face danger in their mission to keep us safe from crime, acts of violence and terrorism.

There are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement offices serving in the United States. In 2008, 140 officers gave their lives in the line of duty. More than 18,340 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty since the first recorded police death in 1792. Of the 140 that lost their live sin 2008, fourteen were from Texas:


Deputy Constable David Joubert, Harris County Constable's Office - Precinct 7

Police Officer Matthew B. Thebeau, Corpus Christi Police Department

Corporal Harry Thielepape, Harris County Constable's Office - Precinct 6

Senior Corporal Victor A. Lozada Sr., Dallas Police Department

Trooper James Scott Burns, Texas Department of Public Safety - Texas Highway Patrol

Police Officer Everett William Dennis, Carthage Police Department

Sergeant Barbara Jean Shumate, Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Police Officer Gary Gryder, Houston Police Department

Detective Tommy Keen, Harris County Sheriff's Department

Game Warden George Harold Whatley Jr., Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Sheriff Brent Lee, Trinity County Sheriff's Department

Police Officer Robert Davis, San Antonio Police Department

Police Officer Timothy Abernethy, Houston Police Department

Police Officer Mark Simmons, Amarillo Police Department

A quote by President George H.W. Bush is engraved on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC that states that it is an officers continuing quest to preserve both democracy and decency and to protect a national treasure that we call the American dream.

It is clear this quest is worthy of the respect that our citizens show for their police officers, continued Poe. This yearly tribute to law enforcement officers provides each of us with an opportunity to honor those who lost their lives while protecting the citizens of this country.

H. Res. 47 - National Peace Officers Memorial Day

(1)supports the goals and ideals of Peace Officers Memorial Day to honor federal, state, and local peace officers killed or disabled in the line of duty; and


(2) calls upon the people of the United States to observe such a day with appropriate ceremonies and respect.


Congressman Poe is the founder and co-chair of the Congressional Victims Rights Caucus. As a former criminal court judge and prosecutor for over 30 years in Houston, Texas, Poe is recognized nationally for his creative sentencing of criminals and as a dedicated advocate for victims, children and law enforcement agencies.