Today, Congressman Ted Poe issued the following statement in regards to the Immigration Crisis along our borders:

Our countrys security is at serious risk. We currently have immigration laws on the books, but we continue to blatantly ignore them. We can not continue to ignore our laws or our illegal immigration problem. The 9/11 Commission Report states that Americans should not be exempt from carrying biometric passportswhen they enter the United States; nor should Canadians or MexicansThe 9/11 experience shows that terrorists study and exploit Americas vulnerabilities. . My legislation, The Passport for All Act, would end the senseless identification process we have at our Points of Entry. Exempting anyone from carrying a passport when crossing into the United States, is blatantly ignoring the Commissions suggestions and is posing yet another serious vulnerability in our countries homeland security. Requiring machine readable passports is a common sense approach to remedying the irresponsible illegal immigration crisis we have in this country. We must make real changes in our immigration policy before we loose our nation and become a nation colonized by other nations