Press contact: Shaylyn Hynes,

Washington, Oct 11 -

Today, we learned of a foiled, international terrorist attack on US soil. Our law enforcement officials are to be commended for defending our country and saving lives.

Iranís failed attempt to carry out an attack on American soil is deeply disturbing yet not surprising. The effort by this known State sponsor of terror to simultaneously attack the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia is an act of aggression against all three nations.

The best hope for change in Iran is for our government to verbally support the Iranian freedom fighters in their efforts to change the regime in Iran. The dissidents in Iran must know that the United States stands with them in their efforts to overthrow their oppressive government.

Historically, sanctions against Iran have been unsuccessful because they have not been fully enforced. The Administrationís lack of resolve to enforce the economic sanctions against Iran has only emboldened the country. The United States must do all its can to isolate the dictatorship in Iran from the rest of the world.  

From this plot, we have also learned that Iran is willing to conspire with other terrorist organizations closer to our border. Although Iran was unsuccessful this time, the narco-terrorists' proven ability to infiltrate the border of the United States make them an attractive partner for Iran. This is yet another example of how the drug cartels and the porous border that they cross daily are a national security threat to the United States.

To prevent this from happening again, Iran must understand that there are real consequences for even a failed attempt. Any further action taken against Iran must be authorized by the President with the cooperation of Congress, the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.