WASHINGTON, DC Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) warned against a new initiative announced this week to extend credit to people residing in the United States without Social Security numbers.

Money is said to be the root of all evil, said Poe. Apparently, Bank of America thinks making a buck is more important than knowing who their customers really are. By issuing credit cards and bank accounts to people without social security cards, banks are leaving the door wide open for money laundering, fraud and identity theft. Matter of fact, they are blatantly sending a message to drug cartels and terrorists around the world that they are open for business to anyone with the Almighty buck.

Bank of America is no stranger to offering services to those illegally in our country, continued Poe. The link on their website to Send Money to Mexico is in Spanish and boasts how easy it is open an account and send money out of the country. How do we expect to hold employers who knowingly hire illegals responsible when American banks are rolling out the welcome mats? Issuing credit cards to people without social security cards is absurd. The banking industry would have you believe it has to do with helping those with poor credit history nonsense. It is about banks cashing in on the underground illegal cash economy, pure and simple.