Today Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX), Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) along with other co-signers announced a letter to President Bush requesting a Presidential Pardon for Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. Ramos and Compean are currently scheduled to serve 11 and 12 year prison terms, respectively, in January 2007.

The Ramos and Compean cases garnered national attention because of the prosecution and conviction of the agents by the U.S Attorneys Office for shooting a fleeing illegal drug smuggler during a nighttime altercation after over 800 pounds of marijuana was discovered in his van near the Texas-Mexico border.

Comment from Congressman Ted Poe:

It seems to me the U.S. government is on the wrong side of the law. The battle on the border is growing more violent everyday and our law enforcement officials need to know that they have the full support of the U.S. government in enforcing our immigration laws. It is appalling to me that our own government would give immunity to an illegal drug smuggler in their effort to prosecute these two brave young men who were simply doing their job protecting the dignity of our borders and our country. I urge President Bush to extend a full pardon to both of the agents.

There were 48 cosigners on the letter to the President at time of press conference advisory.