In the ongoing debate over illegal immigration, supporters of those who break our laws justify the crime by saying they do so with only good intentions. Unfortunately, not everyone who illegally enters the United States is here to achieve the American Dream and contribute to the good of our country.

Human garbage, its what Milagro Cunningham thought of an 8-year-old girl who he raped, choked and left underneath massive chunks of concrete in a landfill in Florida. Police dont know how she was able to find the strength to wiggle her fingers while trapped underneath the great slabs, still barely alive. Matter of fact, it was the only sign she survived. Milagro Cunningham, an illegal from the Bahamas, was arrested three times by police before he tried to kill the tiny girl. Not once did they detain him for trespassing on American soil.

People living by the very railroad tracks that mobilized our Great country, once were paralyzed with fear when a mass murderer, know as the Railroad Killer was on the loose. Angel Maturino Resendez raped, bludgeoned, hammered and even sledge hammered nine people to death, all of whom lived within yards of railroad tracks. Small town shops sold out of pistols and people who never locked their doors, sealed even their windows. The killer, an illegal Mexican murderer, hopped trains never knowing where he was going, but always knowing what would happen when he got there.

To Resendez, every border - Mexican, US, Canadian - meant bloodshed. He was arrested or deported more than ten times. He was sent home after carrying guns, defrauding Social Security, burglary, trespassing and pretending to be a Texas citizen. But he was only arrested after claiming the lives of nine American citizens. His first known murder victim was beaten to death two years after his last deportation. The victims girlfriend was raped and beaten, but miraculously survived and was found near railroad tracks.

These deadly illegal invaders knew what they were doing and they are not the only ones who tracked northward leaving a trail of trouble. Their clandestine border crossing and thousands others like them mean twelve legal citizens will be murdered today, tomorrow and everyday. Thirteen legal citizens will die because a drunk illegal alien got behind the wheel of a car today, tomorrow and everyday. Eight children will be sexually abused by perverts who will cross the line, after illegally crossing the border. Thats today, tomorrow and everyday. Not all illegal immigrants are criminals before they cross the border, but they break the law with their first step on American soil. And unfortunately their first crime, may not be their last.

They arent just trespassing on our soil, they are trampling our laws, violating our values and shattering our safety. It must be stopped with a sealed border and an impenetrable immigration process. That is just the way it is.