Dear Neighbor,

 It is with a heavy heart that we remember this day, September 11th, 2001 and the tragedy that struck our nation 13 years ago. A tragedy that shook America to its very core. As Americans, we are all able to vividly remember where we were when we heard the news that four planes had been hijacked and for a moment, we were bound together by the shock and horror of that day. Each year, our hearts still feel a sting of the pain as we relieve and remember the horrifying events of 9/11. Our nation experienced a tremendous loss that day when we were attacked by terrorists on our own soil. The heartache of losing almost 3,000 innocent men and women will never leave us.  It is a day that America will never forget.

And by no coincidence, tragedy struck again on the 11th of September, 11 years later. This year marks the 2nd anniversary of the Benghazi attack on the American Consulate in Libya. America still lacks answersand there has been no accountability for this terrorist attack. However, it is important that we remember Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Ambassador Chris Stevens, all of whom lost their lives two years ago.

13 years later, terrorism is still a very real threat to America. ISIS is nothing to take lightly; it is not akin to a junior varsity sports team.  ISIS is a serious, sophisticated organization with resources, funding and thousands of recruits. I have introduced legislation to help combat and prevent future terrorism.  H.R. 5406, the FTO Passport Revocation Act,  would explicitly authorize revoking passports and passport cards to individuals affiliated with foreign terrorist organizations. Bottom line, if you support a foreign terrorist organization, you lose the privileges that citizens enjoy. This bill will help law enforcement locate these individuals and prevent them from traveling internationally so that they can be brought to justice. America cannot simply wait in anticipation for ISIS's next move, we must take every action necessary to destroy this organization and prevent terrorism from spreading.

Once again, today, on September 11, we remember the victims of the terrorist attacks of both 2001 and 2012, we remember the strength that America showed when we came together as a nation, we thank our service members who defend our freedoms at home and overseas, and we extend our gratitude to our first responders who answer the call to help our communities time and time again. 


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