Dear Neighbor,

For weeks I have been vocally opposed to the CRomnibus, and I voted against it. I could not support a bill that included funding for the President’s illegal and unconstitutional action: granting legal status and work permits to millions of people without the consent of Congress. This bill gave the President the rubber stand he needed to fund his executive amnesty, and I could never support this abuse of power. 

Those that say the bill could’ve been defeated by voting against the rule are wrong. In the House, the process is that before a vote on any bill, there is always a vote on the rule. This rule vote simply sets the process and "rules" for debate (e.g. how much time each side has to talk about the bill). But, a vote against the rule does not defeat the bill. It’s not a “whip count” for the bill.  If the rule vote had failed, the CRomnibus would still be pending and Rules Committee would have drafted another rule immediately. Voting against the rule does not help defeat legislation; it just delays debate. We should not vote against a rule just because we think a bill may pass. That’s like one team cancelling the Superbowl  because they think they may lose.

I’ve heard some comments that I must’ve been working with leadership somehow or even got something for this procedural vote. Nothing could be further from the truth. From the time the rule passed at 2:00 pm to the time the bill came up at 10:00 pm, I didn’t even hear from them, probably because they knew they had no chance to change my mind. I was a vocal no vote for weeks. In fact, I had introduced my own legislation to defund the President’s unconstitutional edict and cosponsored an amendment to the CRomnibus to do the same. Unfortunately, neither was brought up for a vote.

Using procedure is not an effective tool to stop legislation; it just delays it. We’ve seen that backfire, which is what we saw in the Senate this weekend when the procedural process delayed the vote on the CRomnibus. This allowed 22 of the President’s nominations to be confirmed. Unfortunately, 1 of those was Vivek Murthy, an anti-gun, pro Obamacare physician who is now our Surgeon General. Many were liberal judicial confirmations that are lifetime appointments.

I will continue to be your constitutional conservative voice in Washington. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. As always, please email me to share your thoughts and let me know what’s important to you and your family.


Member of Congress