By: Kingwood Observer

Students at Northeast Christian Academy on Hamblen Road in Kingwood had all their biggest and smallest questions about government, the Constitution and the British answered by U.S. Rep. Ted Poe Monday.

Poewas spoke to elementary, eighth and ninth grade students about the Constitution, the rights of an individual and President George W. Bush complaining about Poe’s oil-leaking Jeep Wrangler.

Students asked Poe questions like, “Did the president ever invite you to dinner,” to which Poe answered, “Well, President Bush did,” and “Why didn’t the British fight harder if they wanted to win,” to which Poe answered, “Well they fought hard, just not as hard as the Americans.”

Of course there were also questions about the Iranian nuclear deal, the Second Amendment and how to become a Congressman as well.

“It’s great,” NCA Head of School Brad Baggett said. “One of the main goals here is to create great citizens and to have this representative is part of that mission. We want to have children that are active in the political process and that have a love for it and for the constitution and the government, and as they get older understanding the role people play in government.”

Each student took home a copy of the Constitution and each class took pictures with the Congressman.

“We’re planting seeds here at an early age and I think it’s important that they start to see the individuals play a vital role and can make a difference,” Baggett said.