Houston Chronicle


Gun control measures discussed in Washington, D.C. are ëhypocrisy at its highest,î claimed Rep. Ted Poe, recently in speech on the floor of the House. The Texas Republican argued that itís easy for lawmakers to advocate gun control when they are surrounded by armed officers of the Capitol Police.


The Republican from Humble said:


ìAs I speak on the House floor, there are guns by the doors, to the North, to the South, to the East, to the West. On the roof, on all of the entrances and by the steps. The excellent armed guards of the excellent Capitol police protecting us. But most of the citizens donít have government guards protecting them twenty-four/seven. Many people feel defenseless. Some people of this Chamber want protection for themselves, while advocating more restrictions on guns for the people of America. Hypocrisy at its highest.î


According to Poe, some of his colleagues want to keep special protection for themselves while ìred-lining Second Amendment.î


ìThey say protection for me, but not for thee,î Poe said.