By: The Hill

Rep. Ted Poe(R-Texas) on Wednesday accused President Obama of handing over the reins of government to anonymous lower-level officials, who continue to receive the blame for every major scandal that comes up.

"Exactly who is running the country? Lower-level operatives?" Poe asked on the House floor. "Has the government gone wild? Is there a shadow government operating without the knowledge of the White House?"

Poesaid Obama and other senior officials have blamed lower-level operatives for several major scandals. Officials said Obama didn't know about the Fast and Furious gun running operation, and blamed underlings for that program.

Similarly, Poe said Obama learned about the Department of Justice decision to collect the Associated Press's phone records through press reports, and blamed others for this event. He also said the same tactic was used when the National Security Agency surveillance program was unveiled, and when the ObamaCare website failed to work earlier this month.

Poe said that in each case, the answer was, "Lower-level operatives blamed, no accountability."

"The White House needs to fix this out of control government immediately," he concluded. "The White House needs to take responsibility for the actions of his administration, and quit blaming others and lower-level operatives."