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In July of last year, Rep. Ted Poe introduced HR 6199, a bill that would have put forth guidelines regarding when and for what purposes domestic drones could be used.

Even though HR 6199 never passed during the 112th session of the Congress, Poe is not giving up. Just this week, he told The Hill that he plans to reintroduce Preserving American Privacy Act in this session of Congress. Poe has already spoken with Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of House Judiciary committee, and according to him, drone legislation is already on Goodlatte’s agenda.

“It’s my opinion that Congress should take the lead on this issue, rather than wait for cases to occur, and those cases end up in different courts throughout the country,” Poe said on Tuesday.

In his guest blog on HR 6199 for Texas on the Potomac, Poe explained what the act would actually do.

The “Preserving American Privacy Act” will:

? Prevent the FAA from issuing a permit for the use of a drone to fly in US airspace (for law enforcement purposes or for surveillance of a person or their property) unless it is pursuant to a warrant and in the investigation of a felony. This prohibition would be applicable to State, Federal, and local jurisdictions.
? Prevent the FAA from issuing a permit to any private individual for the use of a drone for surveillance of any private individual or their property unless the person under surveillance has consented or the owner of the property has consented.
? No evidence obtained from the use of a drone may be used at an administrative hearing.


? The warrant exceptions would be the same as those that are applicable in the state, federal, or local jurisdiction where the surveillance occurs.
? The bill would not change the permissible uses for border security purposes.