The President is at it again. He will use his pen to do an end around on Congress and increase salariesin a move small business owners say would cripple them.

Today, President Obama will tell the Labor Department to update the rules that would ultimately give overtime pay to workers that aren't getting it now. Humble Congressman Ted Poe told Matt Patrick there's only one reason he's doing this.

“The President’s motives are to get more people to support the Democrats in November,” Poe said. “He has no economic plan for the country.”

Poesays the President just doesn’t understand the implications of what he’s doing.

“Someone is going to have to pay for this. Mr. Obama’s not going to pay for it. But someone else will. The business will have to pay for it and figure out a way to pay for it,” Poe explained.

Poebelieves this is not something the President should do on his own.

“We ought to debate this in Congress. But the President might not get his way in Congress. So once again he pulls out his pen,” Poe stated.

And Poe also says you shouldn't expect Congress to take this quietly.

“We’re debating legislation that would allow members of Congress to sue the President when he issues these Executive Orders,” Poe said.

As for what this would mean for small businesses, restaurant owner Brad Baileysays it would be bad news.

“This is a great example of someone who has never met a payroll putting his policies on the backs of small businesses across the country,” Bailey said.

Bailey believes the President would not have fared well as a business person.

“He needs to go back to school and take an economics class,” Bailey stated.