By Newsmax

Congressman Ted Poe says the vile killers who gunned down a popular Texas district attorney and his wife will be tracked down and apprehended whatever it takes ó and they know it.

ìItís going to be a multi-level investigation: state, local, and federal law enforcement officers. Poe told Newsmax TVís ìThe Steve Malzberg Show.íí

ìLaw enforcement will eventually find the culprits that were involved ... [They] know that weíre going to find out who did it ó and weíre going to hold them accountable.íí

ìThis is more than just a good guy being assassinated ó this is an attack on literally the law, the rule of the law in this country.íí

Kaufman County DA Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were shot dead at their home on Saturday ó and federal prosecutors are eying several theories.

They are looking at the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, a white supremacist jail gang; drug cartels that operate in the Lone Star State; and the possibility of a lone gunman with a grudge against McLelland.

Poe, who represents Texasí Second Congressional District, said the cold-blooded assassinations are ìexactly what the drug cartels do in Mexico. They get a police chief, a judge whoís investigating them, and they assassinate them.

ìMexico does not really follow up on going after those cartels and thatís how theyíre able to intimidate and get away with the criminal enterprise.íí

It is different in the United States, where different law enforcement agencies work together to close in on the suspects.

ìThese types of assassinations are very rare in the United States. Thirteen prosecutors have been murdered over the last 30 years,íí Poe said.

ìYou can look at that number any way you want to but itís not a great number. These are the type of things that happen in other countries.íí

Poe, who is a former prosecutor and judge, said he was threatened several times while he served in those positions.

ìThanks to good law enforcement here in Houston, none of those threats were able to be carried out,íí he said.