Mr. Speaker, the Saudi Arabian religious police will arrest its citizens for a multitude of "sins." Last week, the religious police arrested 57 Arabian men in front of a mall in Mecca for, get this, the crime of flirting. The 57 men were dancing to pop music and not wearing traditional clothing. The religious police arrested them and refused to release the men unless they can prove they did not flirt with women. So much for innocent till proven guilty.

This is yet another example of when civil governments use their state religion of Islam to put their own citizens in jail for religious activity.

The powerful religious police make sure that women are covered up, that they don't wear makeup, that the sexes don't mingle, and that the stores close five times a day for Muslim prayers, and that men worship at the mosque.

Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia banned the sale of red roses and other symbols that marked Valentine's Day because they are connected with a Christian holiday. Saudi Arabia certainly cannot allow any religious dissension in their country. Saudi Arabia expects other countries to be tolerant of Islam but is intolerant of all religions except its own. I wonder if hypocrisy is a violation of the Islam religion?

And that's just the way it is.