Mr. Speaker, as the hot Texas sun set in the west last night at about 10 p.m., the brave first responders of the San Antonio Fire Department answered the alarms as a strip mall went up in a fiery inferno. Sixty-one fire trucks with lights and sirens sped to the scene.

The firefighters dashed into the buildings performing a search-and-recovery operation, making sure no one was there. As the fire grew, the intense smoke and heat became suffocating.

Two firefighters were injured, but their lives were saved by other firefighters. But Firefighter Scott Deem was trapped in the inferno.

This 6-year veteran of the force’s life was stolen by the hellish blaze. He gave his life while saving others from harm.

Texas lost another one of its finest last night. Firefighters such as Scott Deem are a rare and tenacious breed.

They are the American breed. They run into the flames that everyone else desperately flees from.

Firefighters restore order from chaos, answering the alarm. Mr. Speaker, they always answer the alarm.

It has been said that all people are created equal, but a few turn out to be firefighters. One of those rare breed was firefighter Scott Deem.

So the last alarm has sounded for Scott Deem. He answered the call, and he gave it all for the people of San Antonio, Texas.

And that is just the way it is