Madam Speaker, foreign national Tommy Alvarado-Ventura has a string of arrests to his name, including assault, impersonation, drunk driving, and contempt of court. Not to mention that he has been deported four times. And, oh, yes, Madam Speaker, he is an MS–13 gang member. 

Despite being deported four times, he made his way back to America. This time, he stabbed a woman in a parking lot. Then he went to a house only to sexually assault a 2-year-old. When his girlfriend saw the bruises on the child, he stabbed her as well. Eventually, NYPD arrested him. 

Madam Speaker, our porous border is not secure. Foreign criminals who violently assault and rape women and children in the United States keep coming back to America. Border officials are doing the best they can do with what they have. 

But the message is clear: they need more to secure our border. Washington must send more resources, boots on the ground, aerostats, and military equipment, if necessary, to establish a virtual border wall against outlaws like Alvarado-Ventura.

And that is just the way it is.