Mr. Speaker, like many Members of Congress, I receive thousands of e-mails from my neighbors each month about issues that are important to them.

Since I work for them, and I’m their advocate, it is important that I bring their words directly to the House floor and let other Members hear what I call the pulse of Texans.

Bill Bagi from Crosby, TX recently wrote me about the deteriorating condition of our southern border with Mexico. Here’s what he has to say.

“I own and operate a heavy, specialized trucking company and transport specialized freight around the USA and Canada.

One-fourth of my freight ends up in the south Texas towns of McAllen, Pharr, Brownsville, and other towns.

Over the last 10 years, I have watched the border in south Texas deteriorate with not only undocumented crossing but much worse -- the cartels.

I know from many of my business customers along the U.S. border that this cartel issue is becoming a very serious issue.

Many speak of a Blood Bath to come on the Rio Grande River.

I urge you to ask the Congress and our President to not only not stop the deployment of people on the southern border, but increase them tenfold to protect our U.S. citizens living in America.

This is much more serious than the media and government wants to admit.

Does the U.S. government want a blood bath to take place before they protect our U.S. southern home front?

We must stop the infusion of these cartels at the Rio Grande, or they will infest the
whole United States, as the Chicago cartel did back in the mob days.

Families are not arming themselves for fun in south Texas. They are preparing for the worst to come. Many believe the U.S. Government will not be there when the time comes and we need them. If we don't stop them in south Texas, then Houston and Dallas will be infested with cartel influence.

I have great concerns that they are already operating in the Highlands/Baytown area of southeast Texas.

Thanks for your past support and future drive to protect U.S. citizens.”

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Bagi tells us that he’s scared to even go to the south Texas border region.

He is a businessman, and he sees firsthand, as the citizens who live on the border so, the problem with the drug cartels.

He is not alone. Mexico is quickly becoming, in my opinion, a failed state. Texas towns are in danger because the Federal Government just does not adequately defend the homeland. Bureaucrats in Washington should listen to the people who actually live and work on the southern border.

Unlike what our government wants us to believe, the drug cartels do not stop at the Mexican-Texas border. Even just last week, our border patrol came under gunfire on the border in Texas from the Mexican side of the border. Mr. Speaker, we send troops to foreign nations to protect their borders. Why don’t we protect our own?

Local sheriffs and the Border Patrol do the best they can with what they have, but it’s just not enough.

It’s really past time for the Federal Government to step up and make Mr. Bagi and all Americans feel safe again.

After all, the Constitution actually requires the Federal Government to protect the homeland.

And that’s just the way it is.