Mr. Speaker, a family in Spring, Texas, has been executed.

The evil killer, disguised as a FedEx driver, forced his way into the home of the Stay family on Wednesday. He tied up one child, Cassidy, and waited and waited until all five children and their parents--Katie and Stephen--came home. Then he shot them one by one, killing six, and leaving Cassidy for dead. He fled the scene with more malice in his heartless soul, headed to kill the grandparents of the children.

Cassidy called 911 to alert the law, and quickly, the murderer was caught before he could kill again.

Murdered were Stephen, aged 39; Katie, aged 34; Bryan, aged 13; Emily, aged 9; Rebecca, aged 7; Zach, aged 4--and wounded was Cassidy, aged 15.

The killer had come from Utah to Texas to seek revenge against the Stay family. He targeted the Stays because his ex-wife was a family relative.

People in the quiet area of Spring, Texas, and Houston are saddened and shocked and are in mourning for their neighbors who had life viciously and violently stolen from them.

The killer is charged with capital murder in Texas, and if found guilty, hopefully, a Texas jury will help him meet his Maker very soon.

And that's just the way it is.