Mr. Speaker, this is the 1-minute story of Kelly Dore. Kelly’s biological father began trafficking her for sex in the first year of her life. The evildoer continued to do so for 14 years.

Kelly spent her childhood in a living hell most of us cannot even contemplate. Her kindergarten memories are not of playtime and story time; instead, they consisted of hiding in the bathroom because the repeated trauma caused uncontrollable bleeding.

The evildoer threatened to kill Kelly’s mother if Kelly ever told.

At 14 years, Kelly liberated herself from this depravity by testifying against her father in a courtroom. Miraculously, she not only survived the ordeal, but she became an advocate.

Today, Kelly works to strengthen trafficking laws, giving an inspirational voice for victims of human trafficking like her.

No child should ever have to go through what Kelly went through.

Congress must join Kelly in the fight against the buying and selling of our children on the marketplace of sex trafficking.

And that is just the way it is.