Mr. Speaker, Jane was 9 years old—9—when she was first trafficked in Brownsville, Texas. For 3 years, Maria Losoya trafficked the child.

That is her right there. She trafficked Jane from town to town in south Texas.

Losoya filled her own pockets by selling Jane at the marketplace of modern-day sex slavery. Mr. Speaker, filthy criminals steal children like Jane’s youth, innocence, and they try to steal their souls.

Jane’s story finally came to light when she alerted authorities at her school in 2015. Now she is trying to cope with the guilt and shame of her past.

Mr. Speaker, it is not Jane who should be ashamed; it is the dastardly human traffickers like Maria Losoya who should be ashamed. That is why my legislation, the Shame Act, gives Federal judges the ability to publish the names and photographs of convicted buyers and sellers of our children. 

Buyers and sellers will no longer be able to hide in plain sight under the cloak of being anonymous. Those who sell and buy the innocence of children should be shamed for all to see.

And that is just the way it is.