Early voting began on Mondayfor local, state, and national elections and for many they believe it will be a chance to right the ship from a disconnected Congress and president.

National polls are trending toward a Republican and Tea Party blowout, but for Representative Ted Poe, hes not taking anything for granted.

I think the re-election is going well. Its good to be back in Texas to see so many right thinking people and hear their thoughts. Texans in our district, like many others, are engaged in the process, he said.

The congressman said he believes Texans and Americans around the country are frustrated with the administration.

They, like me, are irritated by whats taking place by the elites. Spending too much money we dont have, increasing taxes, intervention into our lives with more regulations. All of these things are a result of the people being energized for the election to have a more conservative government, a government by the people with less intervention, less taxes, less spending. Im energized like the people are about the election.

One of the first items of business if theres a Republican-Tea Party sweep is to repeal Obamacare.

If we dont have the votes to repeal it at this time, were going to do whatever we can in the House to not fund the bill. All appropriations bills start in the House and so we can in January not fund Obamacare if we have enough conservatives to do so.

Poe said they address the wild spending.

We need to pass the balanced budget amendment, which I have signed on to do, so that Congress doesnt spend more money than it takes in every year. Forty-two cents of every dollar is borrowed money. Thats equivalent to $600 billion dollars interest that we pay on the 42 cents. Thats the same money spent on the war in Iraq. The war in Iraq cost $710 billion dollars. Every year were spending in just the interest on our debt, what it costs for the entire Iraqi war. Thats total out of control government and the people are irritated and I am too!

Poe said he believed the administration was overpacked with elites that cannot relate to the American worker and taxpayer.

They think in theory and not in real world terms and foster big government. Theyre doing everything they can to grow the federal government. Its a philosophical difference between the administration and most of the American people. Theyve shown gross incompetence on border security, taxation, spending and its time to remove that incompetence beginning in the House of Representatives who support that philosophy and this administration.

Another hot topic item that Poe addressed was Cap and Trade, or Cap and Tax as he likes to call it.

Cap and Tax is what it really is. Its legislation that will destroy the energy sector in the U.S. and its primarily aimed at Texas. It will effectively put many of our companies out of business and they will move somewhere else. It did pass the House unfortunately, but the Senate isnt going to bring it up, he said.

According to Poe, the administration,is so determined to impose Cap and Tax, that they have ordered the EPA to start regulations that are in essence Cap and Trade.

I think the administration is acting outside of its legal boundaries. Thats the responsibility of the legislative branch and not the administration, he said vehemently.

I think the Congress has to go back and reign in the EPA and defeat any form of Cap and Trade legislation. It wont help save the environment and in the long run it will hurt Texans and cost us more for energy, the congressman said.

He said he believed a grass roots effort by the American people would be what turns the country around.

Hopefully when they go to the polls, they will vote for strong conservatives who believe that more government is not the answer, more spending is not the answer, more taxation is not the answer, but the reduction of all of those will help the country and will help the economy. It will allow Americans and Texans to have control of their government instead of the government controlling us, he said.

Poe will continue to campaign in the area and has rallies planned through Election Day.

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