Mr. Speaker, the nation of Israel is surrounded by some mean, aggressive neighbors that want Israel destroyed. The leader of the pack of jackals is Iran. The Supreme Leader of Iran has made it clear he wants the Jewish state to vanish into the sands of time.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel will be here tomorrow to speak to Congress on the serious plight that Israel faces from our mutual enemy, Iran. The White House is snubbing the head of state because Congress supposedly violated protocol with the invite.

Meanwhile, the White House is blissfully working on a backroom deal with Iran regarding their nuclear weapon program, a deal that will end up to be good for Iran, with a short pause in work on its nuclear enrichment.

Mr. Speaker, Israel is the lone star state in the Middle East for freedom. So on this Texas Independence Day and on behalf of the people of the State of Texas, the Lone Star State , I want to welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak candidly and openly about the true threat from the jackal of the desert, Iran.

And that is just the way it is.