Mr. Speaker, hereís what the people of Texas think of the Supreme Courtís ruling on ObamaCare.

Jason from Kingwood, Texas says this:

Now that the Supreme Court has deemed every action of Congress that it does is acceptable so long as itís considered a tax, you can kiss it all goodbye. Tax on gun ownership, boxes of ammunition, worship fees, mission trip tax, Bible fee.

But donít worry. They wonít take away your right to vote directly. Theyíll just dilute it with multiple voting, illegal voting and fuzzy counting. But it wonít be through taxation.

Stacie from Texas also wrote me and says this:

This ruling sets up so much more of nanny taxes and government telling us what we can do and cannot do. Donít buy the right car? Itís a tax. Donít buy the right vegetables? Tax. Donít buy the right newspaper? Tax. Donít buy the right music? Another tax.

Mr. Speaker, the power to tax is the power to destroy. So whatís the next tax from Big Government?

Congress and the Supreme Court have both had their chance to voice their opinion. Now itís time for the American people to voice theirs.

And thatís just the way it is.