Mr. Speaker, the federal government is missing in action on American border security. Our ineffective border security plan seems to be one of compassionate disinterest or "catch them if you can".

Last week there was yet another violent incident at the border near El Paso, Texas. This time a lone Border Patrol agent spotted a group of Mexican nationals crossing the border illegally. The agent was able to apprehend one of the illegals, but four illegals began assaulting the sole law enforcement officer with rocks. His life was in danger, and he defended himself. One of the assailants was killed, however; an assailant with a long criminal history of smuggling.

Our law enforcement agents have the moral and legal right to defend themselves, and they have the right to defend the American border.

The Mexican military showed up at the scene, however, they pointed their rifles at the American law enforcement agents. So what did they do? Did they stand their ground? Did they protect the sovereignty of the United States of America? No. Our Border Patrol agents retreated. They fled. And why? Because the federal government doesn't back up the Border Patrol.

The government hangs them out to dry. Just ask Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean. Washington only gives lip service to securing the border. The government tells our Border Patrol to go down there on the border and kind of pretend to enforce the law. They don't receive the support they need to secure the border. They don't get the necessary manpower or the necessary equipment. They don't receive the necessary moral support from the government. The government doesn't back up their right to protect themselves when their lives are in danger. The federal government, Mr. Speaker, is missing in action.

But right on cue, Mexican President Calderon arrogantly demanded an apology for the shooting. But Calderon didn't apologize for the shooting of Robert Krentz, the Arizona rancher who was murdered in America on his own property by a Mexican criminal alien.

Calderon didn't apologize for the execution-style murder of Border Patrol agent Robert Rosas in Campo, California. Calderon didn't apologize when Senior Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar was murdered in America, run down and run over by a Mexican narcoterrorist drug smuggler in a Humvee.

Where's Calderon's outrage over the Americans being killed all the time in America by illegals from Mexico? Where's Calderon's apology for the criminal alien murderer of Houston Police Officer Rodney Johnson? Officer Johnson was a 12-year veteran of the Houston police force. He was married, had five kids, and Officer Johnson was shot four times execution-style by a Mexican illegal with a criminal record when he was stopped for speeding.

Where was Calderon when Houston Police Officer Gary Gryder was killed by an illegal in 2008? Or when Houston Police Officer Henry Canales was murdered by an illegal just last year? Americans are frequently killed in America by Mexican illegals. And why doesn't our government demand an apology about these homicides? Why doesn't our government demand compensation from Mexico for the homicides their illegals commit in the United States?

And where's the State Department? Where's the outrage, the concern when it's an American that loses their life, cost their lives by the actions of illegals from Mexico? Where's that demand for an apology? And where's the administration? Missing in action, that's where.

Where's your outrage, Mr. President? The President should be on the American side of the border, doing what's best for America. And why don't we protect our own? How hard would it be for the President of the United States just to say, "Don't cross the American border without permission"? Why doesn't he say that? Doesn't he believe those words?

Mexican criminals think they can come over here and do as they please and nobody's going to really do anything about it. And they're right. Did we send our Attorney General out to demand answers when Border Patrol agent Rosas was shot execution-style last year? Where was the Attorney General? Missing in action.

And American citizens and peace officers are losing their lives because the government is missing in action. It seems like our government is more interested in what Mr. Calderon thinks than the American people. Mr. Calderon should take care of his own lawless country and Mr. Obama should take care of our borders. The administration, this administration, is not the first to be ineffective in border security, but it certainly should be the last.

And that's just the way it is.