Mr. Speaker, I have asked people on my Facebook page what they think about the Iranian deal . Here are a few of the 300 responses.

Tammy says: Why were our hostages left out of the negotiation? Why even trust Iran at all to live up to the deal when they hate America?

John says: Why are there no American inspectors? Why no instant inspections?

Jacob says: Why are they doing a deal with the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism? This used to be called treason.

Carlos says: Ask them if they remember who Neville Chamberlain was and his policy toward Nazi Germany. Giving into Iran has a very similar overtone to what Chamberlain and the world did back then.

Adam says: 24 days' notice, no USA inspectors, no prisoners coming home? No inspection of their most lucrative site? China and Russia can sell them weapons?

Mr. Speaker, the American public wants some candid answers. Tomorrow Mr. Kerry will testify before our Foreign Affairs Committee. Time for some frank, no-double-talk answers from the administration on this Iranian deal.

And that is just the way it is.