Mr. Speaker, Friday, in the blistering heat of Houston, Texas , 11,000 people, including the Governor, attended the event; many more stood outside. The ceremony was broadcast live on all four local TV stations. Helicopters flew overhead. Peace officers from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom were there. The city and State gave their final tribute and respect for one of its fallen--Harris County DeputySheriff Darren Goforth .

Darren left behind a widow, Kathleen, and children: Ava, 12, and Ryan, 5.

Darren was assassinated the week before while he was putting gasoline in his patrol car, apparently targeted because he was a peace officer. He was shot in the back of the head 15 times. An individual was quickly captured, and he is charged with capital murder.

Darren Goforth was a happy guy. He loved his family. He loved his second career as a lawman and loved working on old cars.

Everyone liked Darren . Even a local thief posted on social media that Goforth was his favorite police officer.

Darren loved his kids and recently bought his son and himself Captain America t-shirts. Ryan, his son, wore his t-shirt at the funeral. Deputy Goforth was buried in his Captain America t-shirt underneath his uniform.

Peace officers like Goforth are a rare breed. They rush to emergencies and dangers while most flee from them. Their life is dedicated to serving and protecting others. They are willing to sacrifice everything for the rest of us. Darren Goforth was that type of peace officer.

Mr. Speaker, when the funeral was over and the bagpipers had played ``Amazing Grace'' and the buglers had played ``Taps,'' it started to rain, as if the angels above were shedding tears for a remarkable guy, DeputySheriff Darren Goforth .

And that is just the way it is.