Mr. Speaker, ``Wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico. Mexico does not end at our borders.'' To the roar of a standing ovation, the arrogant saber-rattling words are from Mexico's President Calderon in his first state of the union message.

   It seems clear to me that these aggressive words are a renewed call by Mexico to colonize the United States. Does El Presidente Calderon claim that the southwest United States is really part of Mexico since many illegals have colonized that area? Sounds like it to me.

   Is Leader Calderon calling for a continued stealth invasion into the United States by its citizens? Sounds like it to me.

   Does clever calculating Calderon want the United States to become a union with Mexico? Time will tell.

   Meanwhile, I wonder if anyone in charge of protecting our homeland is aware of and disturbed by these indignant words. In the history of nations, it appears that when one country invades, colonizes, infiltrates or occupies another without permission, the invaded country either resists invasion at the border or just loses its existence. Time will tell what the United States will do.

And that's just the way it is.