Madam Speaker, the President says the country is being distracted by phoney scandals. A more accurate statement would be the President is using phoney distractions to cover up the administration's scandals. Here are two of them:

Fast and Furious. The ATF, with Justice Department knowledge, smuggles 2,000 automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Americans are killed. Two hundred Mexican nationals killed, including two police chiefs and even a beauty queen. No one is held accountable. Nobody goes to jail. Lower-level operatives blamed. Eric ``Withholder'' held in contempt for withholding evidence from Congress. The administration wants us to forget their fiasco.

Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans killed by terrorists. The United States refuses to send help during the firefight. Four Americans left behind. No killer is ever captured. The administration misleads the American public and blames the attack on a video, not the terrorists. No one goes to jail. No accountability. Lower-level operatives blamed. The administration wants us to forget their fiasco.

Are these distractions and phoney scandals the President is talking about? Well, tell that to the families of the murdered Americans and Mexican nationals. A Navy SEAL put it best: ``Phoney scandals don't come home in body bags.''

So, Mr. Speaker, the next time you visit with the President, tell him these ``distractions''--these ``phoney scandals''--are not going away. The American people are going to get the truth, whether the President likes it or not.

And that's just the way it is.