Mr. Speaker, when government, without consent of the people, takes control over independent businesses, it is an oppressive regime. The unelected, unaccountable auto task force gang continues to pick winners and losers in car dealership closings. And they arent telling why they are closing some dealers and not others. They dont have to. They are the government.

In Houston, Todd and Bob Archer of Archer Chrysler have been ordered by these Supremes to close all three of their Chrysler dealerships. This historic motor company has a payroll of $9 million a year and pays annual taxes of $6 million a year.

Now, how does shutting down this business help anyone? Certainly not the 250 workers who now join the over 150,000 summarily fired by the administration. These profitable dealerships are not the reason Chrysler of Detroit is a failed state.

These auto task force bureaucrats need to be given the pink slip. This country is great for two reasons: personal Liberty and economic liberty. We did not become great because of government control over our lives and our businesses. Yet the oppression continues.

And thats just the way it is.