Mr. Speaker, it is the kind of ammunition you would expect a foreign insurgent to have, 150 armor piercing bullets and a rifle. But it was all too familiar what happened in this event. This individual with all this fire power being a bad father and a bad husband, he was pitted against police and his own family. He held them hostage, then lashing out at the lawmen sent to rescue his family. This domestic disturbance ended fatally, just as too many domestic disturbances end.

After threatening his wife, this family terrorist, Joseph Earl Walsh, turned his blazing gun on a well-known and well-loved peace officer, a servant of the people, leaving him to die while holding fellow peace officers at bay. This stand-off would last more than 3 hours, and when the dust and gun powder cleared the skies, East Texas Constable Dale Geddie of Tyler, Texas would be found murdered.

As a constable, Geddie was more than a law officer, he was an officer of the people. He carried a charge that dates all the way back to the Father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin, who started this band of lawmen to protect Texas settlers from the Indians. Constables are an elite corps of cowboy-lawmen, part of an organization really older than Texas Rangers. They date back to before the days of the Republic of Texas. And Constable Dale Geddie was known for upholding the charge to protect and serve.

He was a fine lawman and a fine human being. Friends have said that if you knew Dale, he was your friend for life. He was the guy who would take off his boots and give them to you if you needed them. Now it is Constable Dale Geddie's family, his wife and his two sons, who will need help during the loss of their good father and their good husband. Their father's fellow peace officers, with their badges draped in the black cloth of sacrifice, their hearts bruised, have lost a friend, a leader, and a hero.

Today we remember Constable Dale Geddie, his family and friends and fellow Texas lawmen, and as we remember them we also remember Smith County Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Leon, who was also injured in this attack. Today we pause to say a prayer and give praise to all the other lawmen across the country who face the forces of evil, evil that hides in the hardened hearts of the heathen.

Mr. Speaker, peace officers are the last strand of wire in the fence between the people and the lawless. Constable Dale Geddie was one of those peace officers.

And that's just the way it is.