Mr. Speaker, for generations, the Korean war has continued with no feasible end in sight. Today, North and South Korea supposedly reached a peace agreement, which includes a denuclearized peninsula, but the definition of denuclearization is not defined in the agreement.


To the North, denuclearization only means the U.S. nuclear umbrella to protect South Korea will end. To the South and to the U.S., this means North Korea will denuclearize.


This is not the first time little Kim has made agreements only to break them. And Kim’s delusional idea of a unified Korea is a unified communist Korean Peninsula with him in charge, standing against the West. For over 6 decades, the Kim regime has actively pursued nuclear and ballistic weapons, terrorizing anyone who opposes the rogue regime.


President Trump’s hardball tactics have had their intended insurmountable effect. We must proceed with caution and stand with our allies to ensure that this agreement is not merely a ploy to serve North Korea’s nefarious, totalitarian, aggressive interests.


And that is just the way it is.