Mr. Speaker, I should inform you that the Red Coats are coming! The Red Coats are coming! The United States Capitol once again has been invaded by the Red Coats. I am not talking about Prime Minister Gordon Brown who spoke to this assembly this morning. I am not talking about the fact that the British came and burned this building in 1814. No, not at all. But the nations capitol is simply being taken away from the American people.

The new Capitol Visitors Center, the CVC as they call themselves, opened its doors in December of 2008, and since that day many new bureaucratic rules have been decreed. These new regulations infringe on the American peoples right to visit this Capitol. It is their building. It doesnt belong to us or to the Red Coats.

Mr. Speaker, there was once a time when a family would come from my district. They would show up at my office and they would ask to see the Capitol. Myself or a staffer would bring them over to the Capitol, take them through these might halls by showing them the statues of the two famous people from Texas, Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston, giving them a peak at the Old Supreme Court Chamber and could spend as much time in this building as they wanted to. But no more. Apparently the good ol times have been replaced by censored, controlled tours which can only be given by CVC trained staff the Red Coats.

Now, before a staff member can even help on a tour of this Capitol that person must attend a 6 hour or 2 day long propaganda school given by the CVC Red Coats. The actual tour that everybody must see before they come into this building starts with an opening video given by the Red Coats. It is a controlled and censored video and a controlled and censored trip through this building. The theme opens in the video by saying that the national motto of the United States is E Pluribus Unum, which means, according to the video, Out of Many, One.

Well, Mr. Speaker, I must have missed something. I thought that the United States motto was directly above your head, which says In God We Trust. But not according to the Red Coats. They just changed the national motto on their own. There is, in fact, no mention of those words or the religious history of our country in the entire CVC complex. This includes their exhibit halls which are supposed to chronicle the real history of America. But the Red Coats have rewritten the history of the United States and omitted religion or any reference to God.

Once citizens watch the video theyre allowed into this building to go on their tour as long as they do it on time and they are not late. No wandering around. You cant wander around and get away from the Red Coat tour guide like the old days. They get to spend a few minutes in the Rotunda, a few minutes in Statuary Hall and a couple of minutes in the Crypt but thats it. There is no looking around at the paintings by Brumidi in the hallways. And if your state statue is not on the controlled tour, you are out of luck. You dont get to see it. Unfortunately, now one of Texas statues is off the approved route. I guess my constituents will just have to become a Member of Congress before they will ever get to see it.

Mr. Speaker, I believe that we should make visiting our Capitol a safe and pleasurable experience for all constituents and all Americans everywhere, and these politically correct positions by the Red Coats are not the way to do it.

I recently signed a letter that is sponsored by Mr. Kirk and Mr. Loebsack, that outlines just a few of these ridiculous regulations. The letter goes to Mr. Ayers the acting Architect of the Capitol, who is the Chief Red Coat.

Member offices have little control over scheduling tours. Once in a while someone will just show up in my office and they want to see this building. It is their first and only trip to Washington. You cant do that anymore. You have to get on a list and you have to make that request a month ahead of time, at least before you can come into this building. Those drop in days are over, unfortunately, because the Red Coat police are in charge, and if they walk through the building and they get off the tour, the Red Coat Police dress them down.

Late groups are often turned away. If a family misses their tour time by a few minutes or if the security lines are so long that they dont get there in time they may be out of luck and not even get in this building. They are sent home to come back another time. Unless they are trained by the CVC, congressional staff members are no longer allowed to even give tours. And dont forget those reeducation sessions last between 6 hours and 2 days.

According to a letter I just received from the CEO for Visitor Services, things are going pretty good, according to them. They say thousands of people are making reservations. Well apparently that is true because my staff assistant is having an impossible time booking tours for our constituents during the first week of April, spring break, when most of them are coming up here. And the Capitol, unfortunately, is not friendly anymore.

Mr. Speaker, the United States Capitol belongs to the American. It doesnt belong to us. It doesnt belong to the Red Coats. It belongs to the American people. And I am disappointed in the new regulations from the CVC and the disrespect that has been shown to the American people and Members of Congress.

Mr. Speaker, the Red Coats have arrived and they are stealing the peoples Capitol away from America. That ought not to be, but thats just the way it is.