Madam Speaker, San Francisco city officials are encouraging illegals to find their home in this California town. The city recently began an expensive public relations campaign reminding illegals that it is still a sanctuary city and that local law enforcement will not cooperate with Federal officials to enforce immigration laws.

This bold announcement comes at a good time. Many other American cities actually believe in enforcing the law and cooperating with the Feds to arrest international trespassers. This causes illegals that live in the shadows of those cities to be perplexed as to what to do. They certainly don't want to go home because they cannot receive free social services like health care, welfare, and education.

So to be completely compassionate and caring, San Francisco should expand its PR campaign to include those hardline, narrow-minded, nonsanctuary cities and encourage their illegals to go to San Francisco. The PR campaign should be "The City by the Bay welcomes all, including those that violate the law."

Meanwhile, Congress should prohibit all Federal money from going to sanctuary cities like San Francisco that laugh at the rule of law and pander to illegals.

And that's just the way it is.