Mr. Speaker, on Saturday, the citizens of Farmers Branch, Texas, voted overwhelmingly to make it a crime for landlords to rent to people illegally in the United States, fining landlords $500 a day. The people have spoken. They want only citizens and legal immigrants to live in the city.

   Oh, but some landlords object. I find this odd. It is illegal to be in the United States without permission. It is illegal to hire illegals that are in the United States without permission. So if illegals aren't supposed to be here in the first place or work here, it is only logical they shouldn't be able to rent here.

   In spite of this new law, some landlords want to take this American city to court and demand that they, these money-grabbing landlords, be able to rent to the illegals.

   This is perplexing. The Federal Government doesn't adequately protect the border or prosecute or deport illegals, so cities like Farmers Branch, Texas, are simply trying to make their city a sanctuary city for Americans and legal immigrants. And good for them.

   But who knows what the Supreme Court will do. Let's see if in the name of the almighty dollar these rogue businessmen will convince the Supreme Court that illegals should be able to rent property, even though they are illegally on the land they are renting.

   And that's just the way it is.