Mr. Speaker, in World War I, the U.S. and Allied victory was called Armistice Day. In World War II, it was called VE Day, Victory in Europe, and VJ Day, Victory over Japan. Now, this Congress has already proclaimed SI Day, Surrender in Iraq Day.

   By proclaiming a day to the world that we plan to ``get out of Dodge,'' no matter the situation, no matter the consequences, because some lack the moral will to win defies commonsense and basic military logic. You never tell the enemy that you will retreat, much less give them the day, month and year.

   I am sure that in the rat holes of Iraq where the cowardly enemy hide there is joy and laughter. Congress knows as much about running the details of a military operation as FEMA does about disasters.

   Let the generals finish America's duty. We have the duty to give them the tools, weapons, money and the troops to take care of business.

   General Stonewall Jackson allegedly faced the same complaints from the Confederate Congress and reportedly responded: ``Send more troops, not more questions.''

   We cannot retreat and allow Surrender in Iraq Day to become part of our history.

   And that's just the way it is.