Mr. Speaker, the nuclear weapon agreement with Iran is near. The deal will lift crude oil export sanctions on Iran. This will be a billion-dollar boom to the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Meanwhile, here in America, the administration bans exporting our own crude oil. We can't even export Texas light crude oil to our closest neighbor, Mexico.

The administration has within its power to lift the crude oil export ban. The ban hurts the U.S. economy. Thousands of oil industry workers have been laid off. Half the drilling rigs in Texas have been shut down. This administration seems to be more worried about making Iran happy and wealthy than helping the U.S. economy by creating energy jobs.

Why can't America get the same deal that Iran is getting? While the administration lifts the sanctions on Iranian exports, it should lift the oil export sanctions on America. And, Mr. Speaker, Texas will even agree not to enrich uranium or develop nuclear weapons if the sanctions are lifted.

And that is just the way it is.