WASHINGTON, November 29 ñ


Mr. Speaker,

The eyes of the world were on the Gaza strip for eight days as sirens wailed and Hamas rained rockets on Israel. Iranís mullahs shipped long-range rockets into Sudan, sent them up into Egypt, before smuggling them through tunnels an assembling them in Gaza. Israel responded by doing the only thing a responsible nation would do: it defended itself. Now the United States needs to show there are consequences for attacking this sovereign nation ñ for Hamas and Iran.

We should have stricter enforcement of sanctions and pass tougher sanctions on Iran. Iran and Hamas both must be held accountable for these attacks. Israel had the moral right and legal duty to defend itself from attacks by the barbarians Hamas. There is a ceasefire but only until Hamas obtains more Iranian missiles.

Hamas is the puppet and Iran is the puppeteer. The Iranian regime needs to go. The Iranian people need to rid themselves of the little fellow from the desert- Ahmadinejad and his ways of war.

And thatís just the way it is.