Mr. Speaker, the radio blared, a criminal was on the loose. K–9 Officer Rony and his fellow officers of the Houston Police Department (HPD) responded to the call, ready to take down a dastardly villain.

The crook led the officers on a vehicle pursuit, throwing contraband from his car and intentionally ramming an HPD patrol car. Suddenly, the criminal bailed out of the stolen vehicle, leaving K–9 Rony to pursue the criminal on foot, through a heavily wooded area. 

As he chased the suspect at full speed, one of K–9 Rony’s legs became entangled on a fallen log. Despite multiple breaks in his leg, K–9 Rony attempted to continue his pursuit.

Always a fighter, he was simply in too much pain. His handler rushed him to an emergency animal hospital.

Prior to this accident, K–9 Rony had experienced the pain of arthritis in his other three legs from chasing outlaws. Losing a limb would have only put him in more suffering.

His team made the heartbreaking decision. K–9 Rony would be put down.

K–9 Rony gave his life to the thin blue line, helping chase down and apprehend a vile criminal. He was a faithful servant of the Houston Police Department and the people of Houston.

He served the department for seven years and had over 250 captures. Rony was known as one of the best K–9 officers the department had, and he will be dearly missed.

Mr. Speaker, we are eternally grateful for our police officers and their furry counterparts in their commitment to keeping our communities safe from criminals. K–9 officers like Rony are of the highest caliber, and we salute him for his service. 

And that is just the way it is.